Georgetown and Tudor Place: The Making of a Historic House within a Historic Neighborhood

12 10 10 Bestebreurtje History 615 Final Project


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Here are my comments on people’s final projects. Well done all!

Final Project

Hi Group – here is a link to my final project, I hope you all enjoy!

12 7 10 Bestebreurtje History 615 Final Project

Also, in light of the holiday season I thought I would post a picture of my parent’s house at Christmas. Yes, this is really my house. My crazy Dutch father loves ze Christmas lights ya.

In case you are interested in driving by, here is a link to a holiday blogger who features our house.

I’d like to give a shout out to Hope at FedEx-Kinkos.

Thank you girl, I couldn’t have done it without you! Here is the draft of my final project. I already have some ideas on how I want to change it around and on what I think needs to be added, but I want to wait to see what the class thinks before I divulge that information. Also, sadly an early draft of the text is what made it on this version, so feel free to comment on the text, but know it has been significantly edited and that more edits are pending. It is your comments on the visuals and the aesthetics of the projects which I am hoping for.

Final Project Rough Draft 12 2 10